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The Consitution of The British Club of the Taunus e.V.

§ 1
Name and Registered Office of the Club

The Club’s name is “The British Club of the Taunus e.V.” as filed with the Club Register (Vereinsregister).

The registered office of the Club is located in 61350 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

§ 2
Purpose of the Club

  1. The BCT is a non-political organisation of men and women, primarily with British or Commonwealth nationality, and also with German nationality. The purpose of the Club is the promotion of tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding. The purpose should be achieved essentially through meetings and events, including those with guest speakers through which understanding for Germany should be promoted amongst the foreign members of the Club living in Germany and, in turn, understanding for the culture and way of life of people coming from the Commonwealth should be promoted amongst the German population.

  2. The Club does not act on its own behalf; it does not pursue goals primarily serving its own economic interests. In this respect the Club exclusively and directly pursues charitable objectives.

  3. The Club’s funds may only be used for the statutory objectives. The members of the Club do not have access to grants from the Club’s funds.

  4. No person may be favoured by reimbursement of expenditure unrelated to the Club’s aims or through unreasonably high remuneration.

  5. In the case of the dissolution or suspension of the Club or the discontinuation of tax-deductible objectives, the entire assets of the Club will be passed to Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V. (German Cancer Aid), who must use the assets exclusively and directly for charitable purposes.

§ 3

    1. Membership is open to all British and Commonwealth citizens and to the spouses of British and Commonwealth members who live in the Taunus and its neighbouring communities.

    2. Membership can also be acquired by other English-speaking persons. However, the number of these members may not exceed 40% (forty per cent) of the total membership. 

  1. Application for membership is to be sent to the Committee of the Club, which will also decide on said application.

  2. Membership will cease with death, through formal expulsion or through resignation from the Club. Furthermore, membership in the Club is dependent upon payment of the annual membership subscription on the due date.

  3. Notice of at least 2 (two) months is to be given to the Committee of the Club in writing if a member wishes to resign. If notice is received within the first 6 (six) months of the Club year a refund, the amount of which is to be decided by the Committee, will be paid.

  4. Membership will be automatically renewed for a further year unless notice is given as in clause 4.

§ 4
Subscriptions, Financial Year

  1. Every Club member must pay a membership subscription. The membership subscription will be determined by the Committee. The Committee will also decide at which time the membership subscriptions are to be paid.

  2. The financial year begins on 1st January every year and ends on 31st December.

§ 5
Executive Bodies of the Club

The Executive Bodies of the Club are

  • The Committee which consists of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The President should be of British or a Commonwealth nationality.

  • The General Meeting of the Members.

§ 6
Appointment of the Board

  1. Members of the Committee will be elected by a simple majority through a secret ballot at the General Meeting of the Members. Members may appoint another member to vote on their behalf by proxy.

  2. The Committee members can also be elected by a show of hands if no member present at the General Meeting of the Members objects.

§ 7
Duties of the Committee / Duration of Office

  1. The Committee represents the Club in legal and non-legal matters. It is responsible for the matters of the Club unless they are assigned to another executive body of the Club within the constitution. Primarily, it has the following duties:

    1. Preparation of the General Meeting of the Members and the Agenda;

    2. Convening the General Meeting of the Members;

    3. Execution of any decisions made at the General Meeting of the Members;

    4. Preparation of the budget for the financial year, accounting, preparation of an annual report and an annual statement of accounts;

    5. Preparation of Club procedures;

    6. Conclusion and termination of any employment contracts;

    7. Decisions on the acceptance, cancellation and expulsion of members;

    8. The general management of the Club.

  2. The Committee will, if possible, hold a monthly meeting chaired by the President of the Club or the Vice President. In the absence of both, the Committee members present will appoint a Chairman for the meeting.

  3. A simple majority of the votes cast is required to make decisions. The presence of at least three Committee members is required for a quorum.

  4. All decisions made by the Committee are to be minuted and signed by the Secretary and the President.

  5. The President of the Committee has the right of sole representation. The remaining members of the Committee are authorised to represent the Club together with one further member of the Committee.

  6. The Committee will serve in office for one year. A new Committee has to be elected at the latest 1(one) month before the expiry of the period of office and will take over on 1st July. Re-election of Committee members is permitted.

  7. The members of the Committee will receive no remuneration for their work.

§ 8
General Meeting of the Members

  1. The Club will hold an Ordinary General Meeting of the Members annually, in May if possible. Extraordinary meetings are to be convened if required in the interests of the Club or, if at least 10% (ten per cent) of the members request this in writing stating the purpose and the reasons for convening the meeting. 


    1. The invitation to the General Meeting of the Members will be made in written form or in text form by the Committee and will include an agenda. The invitation has to be made at least two weeks before the meeting. The notice period will begin with the day after the day on which the invitation is sent out.

    2.  The requirement to issue the invitation in written form or in text form is also fulfilled by issuing an email or a communication by comparable electronic means..

  3. The General Meeting of the Members will, in particular, decide on the following:

    1. the election of the Committee;

    2. the annual report and the annual statement of accounts;

    3. approval of the accounts;

    4. exoneration of the committee;

    5. changes in the constitution;

    6. expulsion of members.

  4. Minutes of the resolutions passed at the General Meeting of the Members are to be written and signed by the Secretary and the President.

  5. Each member will have one vote in the General Meeting of the Members. One member can be represented by another on the basis of a written proxy.

  6. With the exception of changes to the constitution or the expulsion of members, the General Meeting of the Members can decide by a simple majority of the votes cast. Resolutions through which the constitution is changed or a member is expelled will require a majority of ¾ (three-quarters) of the votes cast.

  7. To constitute a quorum at least 20% (twenty per cent) of the members have to be present or represented by proxy at the General Meeting.

  8. Dissolution of the Club requires a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of the membership. 


Version as at 20.05.2017

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