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One of the major benefits of membership is getting access to the wonderful magazine. The magazine is produced 10 times a year and is filled with interesting articles.


The magazine is available online and in hard copy. There are a few regular contributors including a letter from the president, Heathers guide (which has been a popular and wonderful feature for over 40 years! Our editor and news team are always looking for articles each month and invites the entire membership to get involved by contributing to the publication.).


All planned BCT events are listed in the magazine and a useful calendar of activities is also provided.


Each issue carries a different theme with interesting and informative articles and information pertaining to the chosen theme.


The magazine also offers a great opportunity to our advertisers who are able to provide information on their products and services to our interested members (For more information contact


New contributors are always welcome so feel free to message Julie ( to find out more.

Our October Magazine for you to enjoy.

October 2022 - The Queen(1).jpg
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