Being a member of the BCT offers you many different opportunities: new friends, new places and a ‘home from home’ feeling in your new country. There is no waiting to join in – as soon as your membership is confirmed you can immediately join us for club events and activities and vote at our Ordinary General Meetings.

One of the first things you will receive is the weekly email. This lets you know what's on for the week ahead and who to contact. All you need to do is send an email or call the contact organiser and you will be given a warm welcome.


The BCT president also writes to new members offering a warm and personal welcome to our ‘village’ community here in the Taunus. Enclosed in the letter is a copy of the BCT News and a membership directory. The directory will help you find contacts in your area.


All our members love the BCT News, issued ten times a year it is packed with things to do. Look out for Heather's Guide, a great source of information about local events from opera to pop concerts and much more. The magazine also features interesting places to visit while you are living in Germany, and most mums are grateful for the very popular ‘Kids’ Capers’.


If you have young children you are entitled to join Mothers’ Corner, a group within the BCT that caters for and supports mothers and their children. 
Come join us and find your own place in the BCT.

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Cake is definitely a perk of BCT Membership